Greddy GTS Ver 2 Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ

Rp 20.000.000

Proximity exhaust noise and the ※ proximity exhaust noise
94dB (right) · 93dB (left) / 5250rpm
Genuine proximity exhaust noise 82dB (left and right) / 5250rpm
Split, caliber 3 split · 60φ~50φ × 2
Site of exchange After catalyst
Tail shape 115φ N / S
Material SUS (stainless steel)
Weight 14.0kg (genuine 17.7kg)

Minimum ground clearance measurement reference data
(which is the size of each part of the time equipped with a muffler on the vehicle. vehicle individual difference and might be different from the reference data by the exchange parts.)

Right front fender 668mm Left front fender 669mm
Right rear fender 680mm The left rear fender 682mm
When mounted lowest land the top 140mm (middle silencer and rear members under pipe portion) Tail ground clearance 270mm (left and right)
● acceleration noise regulations




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